Foundations Collaborate to Enhance Opportunities for Students and Teachers

When a discussion began about the need for Aldine ISD to take advantage of grant opportunities and scholarship opportunities at colleges other than Lone Star College, the Aldine Scholarship Foundation decided to permanently grant custody of its $2 million in assets to the Lone Star College Foundation to use the funds as intended by the original donors. ASF subsequently dissolved and in 2012 the new Aldine Education Foundation (AEF) was created.

The Aldine Education Foundation not only solicits funds for the Aldine Scholarship Fund housed at Lone Star College Foundation, but AEF also solicit grants for classroom innovation and teacher excellence as well as scholarships to other institutions of higher learning.

Aldine Scholarship Foundation Background

In 1991, the Aldine Scholarship Foundation, formerly Aldine College Endowment Scholarship Foundation (ACESF), was formed by a handful of local businessmen who envisioned providing college scholarships to Aldine ISD graduates who wanted to attend North Harris College (now Lone Star College-North Harris) and through the years also expanded to include all six of the Lone Star College campuses.

For more than 20 years, dedicated community members worked tirelessly to build a strong and well-managed foundation. Since its inception, ASF provided more than 1,000 full-tuition scholarships to AISD grads. And, as of spring 2013, ASF had more than $2 million in assets.

Under the AEF umbrella, the new Aldine Scholarship Fund continues to be restricted to providing scholarships for graduates to attend Lone Star College and the fund continues to be managed by the Lone Star College Foundation. Original endowment donors’ requests remain intact. Also under the new agreement, the Aldine Scholarship Foundation board dissolved and some members accepted positions on the newly created AEF board for continuity and support.

Forming Aldine Education Foundation

Fifty-three percent of students who graduate from Aldine ISD attend college. Most of them attend Lone Star College to earn an associate’s degree or as a gateway to four-year colleges and universities. And, ASF will continue to be a great resource for those specific scholarships.

However, Aldine ISD saw the need to create a broader foundation that would provide funding opportunities for students to attend other colleges and universities, and provide grants for teachers to fund innovative classroom projects that the school district could not afford due to cuts in state funding. This new, broader foundation also allows donors more options.

Individuals who wish to contribute to the Aldine Education Foundation may designate their contributions to any of several options:

  • Lone Star College Scholarships
  • Aldine Scholarship Fund Endowment (supporting a specific, previously established endowment)
  • General Scholarships (for students to attend other universities)
  • Classroom grants/programs
  • General contribution

The Future

Education is the foundation upon which all communities build their futures. Aldine Education Foundation wants to ensure that Aldine ISD students are well prepared for college and workforce. By integrating curriculum, teacher development, college assistance and community partnerships, AEF believes it can make a difference in student’s lives and promote a vibrant community. The foundation supports student programs, projects and initiatives that are not adequately supported by tax-based funding, and all donations are welcomed.

The Aldine Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Individuals, businesses or corporations interested in supporting the Aldine Education Foundation should call (281) 985-6078.