Endowments: Changing the Lives of Students Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Thanks to a host of generous donors, about 40 endowments resulted in over 100 scholarships being awarded by the Aldine Education Foundation in May 2013. Even more important, those same endowments will help make students’ college dreams come true for decades to come.

The Aldine Education Foundation is grateful for the many individuals, families, estates, businesses, corporations and foundations that have established endowments. Each endowment provides annual scholarships in perpetuity to graduating students throughout the Aldine Independent School District.

An endowment is a permanently restricted fund established by a donor. Endowments can begin with as little as a $1,000 contribution and donors have seven years to reach the required $15,000 minimum. Once that balance is reached, an annual scholarship is awarded in perpetuity. As the endowment grows in multiples of $15,000, additional scholarships can be awarded annually in perpetuity.

It is easy to establish an endowed scholarship in an individual’s name, in the name of a business, or to honor a person or group. By doing so, an annual scholarship will be given in perpetuity to a student who meets the requirements of the scholarship.

Criteria such as college to attend, major of study, demographics, academic standing, etc. can be established for each scholarship.

An alumni class, for example, could honor its alma mater by establishing an endowment for graduates of that school.

An engineering firm might invest in its future workforce by endowing scholarships for students majoring in engineering.

An endowment fully-funded by December 31 of one year will be awarded for the following academic year.

These scholarships help students reach their goals. They not only provide monetary support, but they convey a belief that the students can succeed. Education changes the future of the students and the community by giving them the confidence and skills that they need to succeed. As the workplace requires higher skills and knowledge, education beyond high school graduation becomes more critical. Investing in the continuing education of our students is one of the best investments we can make.

Current Endowments

Our sincere gratitude to donors of the following endowments:

  • Aaron Glenn Endowment
  • AISD Endowment
  • AISD Staff Endowment
  • Aldine Optimist Club Endowment
  • ASF Board of Directors Endowment
  • Bob & Darcy Mingoia Endowment
  • Deanie Merritt Award Endowment
  • Donnie Drawhorn Memorial Endowment
  • Doris Davis Endowment
  • Dr. John Pickelman Endowment
  • East Aldine District Endowment
  • Gallery Furniture Endowment
  • Glenn & Linda Huntley Endowment
  • Greater Inwood Partnership Endowment
  • Harvey & Yvonne Stotts Endowment
  • Houston Aldine Lions Club Endowment
  • Houston Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce Endowment
  • LSC-North Harris Endowment
  • M. B. “Sonny” Donaldson Endowment
  • M. O. Campbell Endowment
  • MacArthur Senior High School Endowment
  • Motiva Enterprises LLC Endowment
  • Nadine Kujawa Endowment
  • Niki Myers and Cher Brock Endowment
  • Prosperity Bank Endowment
  • Richard & Barbara Lee Memorial Endowment
  • Rigsdell Family Endowment
  • Ron & Mary Oruc Endowment
  • Stan & Suzanne St. Pierre Endowment
  • Steve Mead Endowment
  • Steven Parker Memorial Endowment
  • Supertravel Endowment
  • Supertravel- Aldine Teachers Endowment
  • Texas Pioneer Foundation Endowment
  • W. W. Thorne Endowment