New Board Members

The Aldine Education Foundation (AEF) is thrilled to announce the appointment of six new board members to the board of directors. This brings the number of board members to 29.

New board members Lynette Sealy, Keishawna Williams, Aldo Roman, Bryce Kennard, Craig Brast and Judy Hoya have deep experience in nonprofit fundraising. 

“The new board members bring expansive expertise from their industries,” said board president Richard Cantu. “Aldine Education Foundation is ready to take our fundraising to the next level, and these folks are the professionals that will help accomplish that so we can better support the District.”

Ms. Sealy is the District Director – Northwest Region for CenterPoint Energy in the Aldine community and brings years of project management and golf tournament planning skills to AEF, which is instrumental as AEF moves to a more impactful golf tournament.

Ms. Williams is the owner of K. Williams, CPA, is a graduate of Eisenhower High School, and said, “Aldine ISD changed my trajectory with its level of support and I love that I can now give back.” She also brings a vast amount of financial and accounting knowledge and experience.

Mr. Roman is the VP of Operations at OS Staffing, a graduate of Aldine High School, has a degree from the University of Houston in Accounting and Finance, and brings auditing and accounting experience to our fundraising board as well.

Mr. Kennard is the External Affairs Manager at Comcast, and a graduate of Eisenhower High School and said, “I am interested in serving because I have made a commitment to myself to focus on providing educational resources to my community. 

“The Aldine Education Foundation will benefit from Mr. Kennard’s experience in leading teams, spearheading fundraising efforts for nonprofits, and developing strategic partnerships,” said Linda Flores Olson, Director of the Aldine Education Foundation.

Mr. Brast is the Managing Director at Huntington Capital Markets, and serving his second tour on the board of directors. He brings strong finance, accounting, and fundraising experience with him, and enjoys serving in a leadership capacity to the golf committee.

Ms. Hoya, retired Aldine ISD Program Director of Resource Development, brings a wealth of expertise to AEF from the many organizations that she serves and has served. Ms. Hoya said, “As a lifelong educator, I am very passionate about the future of education and our youth.” She strongly believes that AEF provides a helpful step to launch the next generation of leaders and said, “I am excited to be a part of such a foreword moving organization.”

About the Aldine Education Foundation

The mission of the Aldine Education Foundation is to provide community-based support to the Aldine Independent School District in pursuit of excellence in teaching, innovation in the classroom, and superior learning opportunities for all students.

Aldine Education Foundation (AEF) was established in 2012 to assist Aldine ISD in reaching its goal to Produce the Nation’s Best. Aldine ISD is the 10th largest public school district in Texas and has existed for more than 80 years. Of its 62,000 students at 82 campuses, more than 85% of our students are economically disadvantaged.

Aldine Education Foundation is led by a volunteer Board of Directors working to raise private funds from individuals, corporations, foundations, and community organizations interested in improving education for the youth of the Aldine area. These monies provide needed resources to supplement ever-dwindling public funds received by Aldine ISD and deliver new programs not funded through traditional revenue streams.

There are many opportunities to support Aldine ISD students and teachers through Aldine Education Foundation. Visit to learn more or call AEF at 281-985-6078. We appreciate your interest in improving education in our community and would be happy to discuss ways for you to contribute to our students’ success.