The Aldine Education Foundation (AEF) believes that a glowing report card is deserving of a reward. Praise isn’t just about a high five, congratulations, or a big hug – it’s about showing our students that their excellent work was worthwhile. AEF’s Foundation Scholars program rewards Aldine ISD high school students who achieve academic excellence with free money for their post-secondary studies. In all high school classes, students who maintain a 95 or greater in traditional courses or 85+ in Advanced Academic, PreAP, AP, IB, or Dual Credit on their final grade are recognized annually as Foundation Scholars.

Each year that high school students accomplish the grade criteria, AEF will recognize them by banking scholarship dollars in their name. The scholarship funds are available upon graduation. This year the Aldine Education Foundation will award $54,000 to 48 seniors in the 2022 class.

Awards are given as follows:

The 1st-time recipient receives $250

The 2nd-time recipient receives $500

The 3rd-time recipient receives $750

The 4th-time recipient receives $1,500

A student who achieves these high academic standards for all four high school years will have $3,000 ready at graduation without an application. This year 5 students received this great honor.

The Foundation believes that money is an incentive for students to strive for excellence throughout their high school careers. Moreover, with a solid academic record, the students are prime candidates to also receive additional AEF scholarship funds possibly.

For more information, visit Foundation Scholars. You can also see a list of 81 students listed as 2021-2022 Foundation Scholars.