Aldine Education Foundation Welcomes New Leadership

The Aldine Education Foundation is happy to announce the Executive Committee of its Board of Directors. The following have been elected to serve in the leadership role during the 2023-2024 fiscal year – President Craig Brast, President-Elect Dr. Charlotte Davis, VP of Finance Keishawna Williams, VP of Development Bryce Kennard, VP of Programs Lynette Sealy, VP of Marketing and Events Jana Anders Gonzales, Immediate Past President State Representative Armando Walle, Superintendent Dr. LaTonya Goffney, Secretary Stacey Smith, and At Large Member Judy Hoya.

President Craig Brast said, “With Education on the front lines after the pandemic which caused havoc on public education and while we are still navigating the new normal, the Aldine Education Foundation stays focused on serving the students and educators of the district, and these leaders will take charge to ensure that Aldine ISD continues to thrive.”

The newest member appointed to the board of directors is Juan Alanis. He is a graduate of Eisenhower High School and founder of Market Street Consultants. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications with a minor in Interpersonal Communications from the University of Houston. Juan has deep experience in strategic planning, communications, community engagement, public relations, and social media. “These are skills that will be very helpful on the Aldine Education Board to create positive transformational change for our students,” said Aldine Education Foundation Director, Linda Flores Olson.

Returning Board of Directors of the Aldine Education Board include Patti Acosta, Rose Avalos, Bob Beasley, Sidney Brewer, Richard Cantu, Connie Esparza, Darrell Garcia, Marine Jones, Sue Luther, Lisa McBride, Aldo Roman, Priscilla Ridgway, Seth Sharr, Pastor David Smith, Ann Stockwell, and M. Terry Williams.

About the Aldine Education Foundation

The mission of the Aldine Education Foundation is to provide community-based support to the Aldine Independent School District in pursuit of excellence in teaching, innovation in the classroom, and superior learning opportunities for all students. Aldine Education Foundation (AEF) was established in 2012 to assist Aldine ISD in reaching its goal to Produce the Nation’s Best. Aldine ISD is the 10th largest public school district in Texas and has existed for more than 80 years. Of its 60,000 students at 82 campuses, more than 92% of our students are economically disadvantaged. Aldine Education Foundation is led by a volunteer Board of Directors working to raise private funds from individuals, corporations, foundations, and community organizations interested in improving education for the youth of the Aldine area. These monies provide needed resources to supplement ever-dwindling public funds received by Aldine ISD and deliver new programs not funded through traditional revenue streams. There are many opportunities to support Aldine ISD students and teachers through Aldine Education Foundation. Visit or call 281-985-6078 to learn more. We appreciate your interest in improving education in our community and would be happy to discuss ways for you to contribute to our students’ success.