Breakfast with Houston Texans Legends Jonathan Wells, Robaire Smith, and Tim Jamison at Aldine ISD’s Caraway Elementary School

The Houston Texans Foundation proudly launched its new program, “Breakfast with a Texan,” bringing together the community and the beloved Houston Texans legends. This exciting initiative kicked off at Aldine ISD’s Caraway Elementary School, creating a memorable experience for students and teachers alike.

“Breakfast with a Texan” is a fresh and engaging outreach initiative by the Houston Texans Foundation, aimed at fostering stronger bonds between the Houston Texans, the community, and local schools. Every Community Tuesday throughout the season, the Houston Texans will bring esteemed Texans player legends, Cheerleaders, or the charismatic mascot TORO to elementary schools for a delightful breakfast gathering.

The event at Caraway Elementary School was a vibrant and joyful affair, showcasing the true spirit of community engagement. Students and teachers were treated to lively DJ jams, sparking energetic dance moves and creating an electrifying atmosphere. Additionally, they were delighted with an assortment of swag, including stickers, sunglasses, wristbands, and keychains, adding to the excitement of the day.

As a gesture of gratitude and appreciation for the dedicated teachers at Caraway Elementary School, the Houston Texans Foundation extended its support by donating a refrigerator, two licensed Keurigs, and an array of snacks. This gesture serves to enhance the teachers’ break area and contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable work environment.

If your company is also committed to giving back to the community and inspiring the next generation through initiatives like this breakfast, please contact Linda Flores Olson, Director of the Aldine Education Foundation at [email protected] for more information. These programs uplift and unite communities, leaving a lasting positive impact on the hearts of students, educators, and the community at large.