Sponsor the Educator of the Year Awards

In a show of gratitude and appreciation, the Aldine Education Foundation is extending an invitation to the community to join in celebrating the exceptional educators of Aldine at the upcoming 2024 Educators of the Year (EOY) celebration. This event, themed “Breakfast En Blanc,” promises to be a heartfelt and fun-filled occasion, complete with spectacular student performances.

Mark your calendars for March 8, 2024, as educators, students, and supporters come together to honor the unwavering dedication displayed by Aldine’s educators. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, weather disruptions, high workload, classroom management, and safety concerns, educators have valiantly navigated through a period of heightened anxiety. Recent research in Educational Researcher, a journal of the American Education Research Association, indicates the significant impact and resilience demonstrated by educators during these testing times.

The Aldine Education Foundation recognizes the exceptional efforts made by educators and acknowledges the sacrifices they have endured. This year’s celebration holds particular significance as it aims to express unwavering support and gratitude for the tireless commitment and outstanding contributions of educators during these unprecedented times.

As part of the esteemed acknowledgment, the Aldine Education Foundation will be offering a monetary tribute through the Aldine ISD Educator of the Year Awards. This tribute serves as a token of appreciation for the selfless dedication exhibited by Aldine’s educators. The foundation stands firmly behind the teachers who have played a crucial role in shaping the future generation.

The 2024 Educators of the Year celebration promises to be a memorable event, bringing the community together to celebrate the resilience, dedication, and passion of Aldine’s educators. Sponsorship and underwriting opportunities are available for those who wish to contribute to this meaningful occasion.

For more information on how to become a sponsor and support the 2024 Educators of the Year celebration, please visit https://aldineeducationfoundation.org/educator-award/.

Let us join hands in recognizing and honoring the champions in education who continue to inspire and make a positive impact on the lives of Aldine’s students.