Student Programs

Aldine Education Foundation strives for student success both in Aldine ISD classrooms and beyond. To strengthen education for all students, Aldine Education Foundation encourages educator excellence through support of the Educators of the Year program. Additionally, we provide funds to implement unique classroom programs that enhance student learning through Innovative Teaching Grants.

The two AEF programs that directly benefit students are Foundation Scholars and Scholarships.

Foundation Scholars

Aldine Education Foundation is pleased to recognize Aldine ISD high school students who achieve academic excellence. Those who maintain a 95 or greater (85+ in Advanced Academic, PreAP, AP, IB, Dual Credit) final grade in ALL high school classes are recognized annually as Foundation Scholars.

With each year a student is recognized, scholarship dollars are banked in their name available upon their graduation. Awards are given as follows:

  • 1st time recipient         $250
  • 2nd time recipient        $500 + gift
  • 3rd time recipient         $750 + gift
  • 4th time recipient         $1,500 + gift

So a student who achieves these high academic standards for all 4 high school years will have $3,000 of scholarship funds ready at their graduation – no applications necessary! Students are notified by letters through their high school counselors following each school year once final grades are released. They just complete and return a contact form so AEF can send their scholarship dollars to their college of choice following graduation.

We hope this encouragement strengthens their resolve to strive for excellence throughout their high school careers. And with such a strong scholastic record, they are prime candidates for our scholarship program to possibly receive additional AEF scholarship funds.

Watch Dimitri Mayes from Aldine ISD discuss the importance of scholarship funds.