Pre-Scoring Criteria

Did applicant(s) follow Aldine ISD grant application procedure?Yes/No
Did applicant(s) follow grant application instructions and keep application anonymous?Yes/No
Did applicant(s) attend an ITG training workshop?0/1

* If the answer to either of the first two questions is “no”, your application may be disqualified.

Score Sheet

Criteria for Grant
ScoreWeighted Amount
Originality of the project, demonstrating educational innovation.0-5x5
Evidence that students will benefit from grant project in current school year and/or future school years.0-5x5
Budget is complete, realistic, appropriate, and has accurate totals.0-5x5
Need is clearly stated and project is directly tied to Campus Improvement Plan.0-5x3
Objectives are specifically stated, measurable, and achievable within the project period.0-5x3
Activities/procedures specifically stated and relate to purpose and objectives. Innovation is apparent.0-5x3
Timeline fits (January-May) project period and seems appropriate.0-5x3
Evaluation strategy is clearly stated and relevant to the objectives and student performance.0-5x3
Project is sustainable or shows potential for future impact.0-5x1
Project includes participation and support of parents, community, and/or business partners.0-5x1

All grant recipients must submit online

We are interested in the implementation and outcomes of all projects funded by Aldine Education Foundation’s Innovative Teaching Grants and the impact on students and their learning. As a grant recipient, we want to know if you met your defined objectives and what the results of your project were. We want to share how AEF teacher grants are making a difference for Aldine ISD students.

Your honest evaluation of your project will inspire continuing community support and generate additional resources to enhance educational opportunities across Aldine ISD. It also helps our Grant Committee assess future grant proposals and the potential for project success – leveraging support for projects that can provide the biggest impact for our students.

You will receive email notification with a link to submit this report in May for a submission deadline of late June.

Project Information

  • Number of students impacted in grant period
  • Total grant award
  • Total grant funds expended
  • Please provide a brief description of your project. (100 word maximum)
  • What were your stated objectives for the project? Did you meet each objective as originally planned? Please provide the data to substantiate your results. (500 word maximum)
  • Please describe any unanticipated results – positive or negative. Explain how you incorporated those results into your project to keep things moving forward. (250 word maximum)
  • Explain if and how you plan on continuing this program in your teaching. How would you modify things to improve upon what you learned? (250 word maximum)
  • If you were to do this again, or if the project were replicated, what modifications or budget considerations would you recommend? (250 word maximum)